More and more people are switching from hard copies of books to reading electronically, with most people finding it more convenient than traditional books.  If you have a tablet or an e-reader you can store thousands of books, you can adjust the contrast and the fonts so that it doesn’t bother your eyes.  One of the other perks of reading electronically are the amount of free books that are out there for you.  You can simply download them and start reading, even some of your favorite authors offer free short stories or novellas that you can only read electronically. Finding free e-books online is easier than you think, here’s how.

Finding a Good Site

There are plenty of site that you can find free e-books but make sure that they are reputable sites.  Find one that contains books that you’re interested in so that you have some choices.  Amazon has a section of free and cheap read for your Kindle.  You can find a ton of free books from authors that just want some exposure and reviews to boost sales in the future.  There are also plenty of books that only cost $0.99, while not quite free that is still pretty cheap.

Be Wary of the Format

EBooks come in a bunch of different formats and your ereader or your reading app may not be able to read them all. You may want to look for books that come in the PDF format if you can find them.  It is the most common format and it is visually appealing.  PDFs display images, graphs and tables really well making them easy to ready.  You may also want to use an app that will convert books from one format to another.

Books in Exchange for Reviews

If you participate in the various groups and communities on Goodreads or LibraryThing there are often plenty of independent authors willing to exchange ebooks for a review.  Good reviews help them to sell more books so if you have a number of connections then they are more than willing to make the trade.  Check for different groups where you can find authors who write the style you want to read and then check for the threads where they are willing to exchange a book for a review.  Goodreads is really a social media platform for authors and book lovers to connect and it is great for finding new books to read.

Don’t forget to check your local library and see if they have a way to “borrow” electronic books, some will and it can be hit or miss.  Don’t worry there are plenty of places to grab free ebooks online for a dedicated reader.