Book clubs are a great way to connect with other readers and talk about some of your favorite books and authors.  They can range from the formal to the very casual, most people just get together and have some nibbles while discussing their favorite reads.  If there isn’t a book club in your area then you should start one, starting a book club is easier than you think.  Here’s how to get started.

  1. Establish your core group. Find a couple of people, maybe two or three that like the same books as you and are able and willing to show up to your book club meetings.  You can always grow your book club from there but you need a foundation to start with.
  2. Establish your niche. There is a book club for every style of writing under the sun.  This is where you set your book club apart from others, but first you need to decide what you want to read.  Are you a fan of science fiction or biographies?  Pick a niche and a theme to go along with what you want to read.  Set your book club apart from others and that will attract members that share your tastes in books.
  3. Find a location to meet. You need to find a location that is safe and convenient for all of your members.  You can host it in your home of your book club is relatively small.  You can alternate who is hosting amongst the members or you can choose to meet in a public setting.  Many local independent book stores will allow book clubs to meet there or you can choose a local coffee shop or restaurant.
  4. Pick a leader. If this is your book club then you might want to take on that role yourself, basically you will decide how the meetings will be structured and the topics of discussion.  You can either be the one who picks the books or you can let your book club vote on what you are going to read next.
  5. Advertise for new members. You can advertise in local bookstores, you can set up something on social media or simply tell friends to attract new members.  You want to have as many people as possible sign up for you group.  You can update members via social media or with an email blast.  Don’t forget to put your group on other sites like MeetUp, it’s a great place to meet people who share your tastes in books.

Starting a book club is easier than you think and it is a great way to meet people and make new friends that share your interests in literature.